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The Strata team brings over 3 decades of real estate and entrepreneurial experience with a strong skill set in sourcing, acquiring, financing, managing, and successfully selling commercial real estate in a variety of market conditions. The Strata team concentrates on identifying institutional quality investments with the potential to outperform the market, while at the same time, managing risk.

Peter Delfino

Managing Partner

Peter Delfino is the President and Managing Partner of Strata Capital Companies and is involved in company development, operations and capital raising. The Delfino family office is invested in several business sectors including real estate, automotive and personal care services. Specific to real estate, Mr. Delfino focuses on land development and repositioning multifamily assets. Mr. Delfino has over 30 years of real estate and business experience.

Joe Delfino


Joe Delfino is the Head of Asset Management and Principal at Strata Capital Companies. He is responsible for executing property-level business plans and overseeing the operational and financial performance of Strata Capital Companies investments. He is also involved in deal level underwriting and financing. As part of Delfino family office, he plays an integral role in business management and investment management decisions. Mr. Delfino bring over 10 years of family office and business experience.

Tyler Leblanc


Tyler Le Blanc is Vice President of Acquisitions and Capital Markets and Principal at Strata Capital Companies overseeing acquisition, capital market and business development strategies for the firm. He has been in multifamily real estate acquisitions and asset management since 2006 working for large institutional and private equity real estate firms overseeing over US $2B in multifamily real estate transactions. Throughout his career, Mr. LeBlanc has sourced, acquired, and managed direct real estate investments focusing on development and value-add multifamily investments. He has helped grow his and the firm’s portfolio through astute hands-on management and decision making. Mr. LeBlanc is a graduate of Westminster College in Business and Finance and The University of Notre Dame with a Master of Business Administration. JOE DELFINO Principal MARK SHAPIRO Project and Asset Management TANNER JAMES

Jocrys Barranco

Human Resources

Jocrys Barranco is the Director of Human Resources at Strata Capital Companies and is responsible for executing and overseeing the operational and service efficiency of our highly trained team at Strata Capital Companies via Strata University. She is involved in creating a culture and work place environment that integrates our four simple principles. Strata Capital Companies simple principles are: 1. Vision is everything. 2. Love us or Leave Us. 3. This is personal. 4. This is not a Job. This is our life! Jocrys Barranco has over 20 years in the Bank & Financial Industry including, Origination, Underwriting, Bank Retail Management, Project Management, Human Resources, QM and Non-QM Mortgages , Sales Management. Ms. Barranco holds a B.A. in Management and Communications from Adelphi University.

Eddie Green

Investor Relationship Manager

Tanja Invanovic


Sean Hall

Direcotr of Asset Management

Sean Hall is Director of Asset Management at Strata Capital Companies. Mr. Hall is responsible for the strategic expansion of the multi-family division. Specializing in assisting investors with our asset management platform. Mr. Hall has experience in Construction, consulting, and asset management. In his past he has helped manage major client developments in the oil & gas sector. During his tenure at one of the nation’s largest property management firms, Mr. Hall facilitated the successful closing and operation of 4,000 units. At Strata, Mr. Hall's focus is the asset-level implementation of the company’s reposition model, through managing the renovation and leasing of properties. Over the course of his career, Sean has been involved in more than $400M commercial real estate transactions. Mr. Hall attended Mays Business School at Texas A&M University.

Tanner James


Tanner James is an industry expert in performance marketing and social media. He’s built robust client acquisition systems for public companies, corporate entities, and groups all over the world. He and his team have spent millions of dollars in advertising across Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Instagram generating an ROI for businesses. Tanner sold his first company at age 21 and is also a national speaker, focused on spreading positivity and teaching business owners how to generate more revenue utilizing social media.

Massimo Didomenico


Massimo is regarded as an industry expert in helping individuals grow and scale their brands on social media. He has scaled multiple marketing companies and is highly renowned for his work with many successful online personalities and corporate branding of well-known brands. He is an expert in facilitating what needs to be done to a brand in order to capitalize on attention and monetize an online social presence. He has worked with 1000+ individuals & companies in helping them grow their business on social media.

Mark Shapiro

Project and Asset Management

Mark Shapiro is the Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer at Strata Capital Companies. Over his 35-year career, he has been involved in the acquisition, development, financing, repositioning, and management of multifamily projects totaling over 20,000 units throughout the United States. Additionally, he has managed the development of over 5,000 apartments units and construction management of new for rent and for sale product in the residential real estate sector. Currently he oversees development, construction management, asset management and new deal sourcing at Strata.