Build to Rent ↓

Build-to-Rent (“BTR”) single-family communities has seen a significant growth trend since 2020 primarily due to the growing Millennial cohort that is in the family formation stage in need of housing, soaring home prices creating an affordability crisis, rising interest rates, unprecedented housing shortage, remote work from home post COVID pandemic, higher desirability for more space, and broader institutional investor participation looking to increase its below 5% share of this asset class with significant planned investment over the next decade.

To take advantage of this fundamental shift in demand for BTR single-family communities, Strata has formed a Joint Venture partnership with BayaBuild to develop a strong bond like cash flowing portfolio and provide access to investors to capitalize on the new multifamily asset class.

BayBuild brings a strong competitive advantage and unique process which focuses on unprecedented levels of efficiency and cost savings. BayaBuild’s unique DfMA methodology pairs Design for Manufacture (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA),offers a more economical way to design and build high quality homes. BayaBuild advantages include:

FAST – structures built in days, not months

RESILIENT –  designed and built to survive hurricanes and earthquakes

EFFICIENT – structural design that allows for approximately 50% less energy to operate by implementing smart design leveraging raw manufacturing intelligence to produce energy efficient carbon neutral/negative homes built to LEED certified and EPA standard Energy Star standards

VERSATILE – a near-infinite array of custom configurations, sizes, layouts and finishes
ECONOMICAL – proprietary approach limits waste drastically lowering construction costs


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